An Enlightened, Innovative Solution.

A Strategy to Execute it.

In 1 – 3 days.

Workshop Facilitation To Lift Your Business

Need to achieve tough targets, innovate to maximise opportunities or resolve major challenges? Are conventional approaches ineffective? Contact us. Expert facilitators and team coaches, we engage the skills and knowledge of your team to deliver solutions effectively and quickly.
Our Inn8® and Solution Focus (Ski Jump Model) Approaches are less conventional, we never seek a root cause for example, yet are proven to be effective in many organisations and countries. Based on sound and successful practice, they create the impetus for people to move forward.
Yes! And® facilitate workshops in the UK, Continental Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia and have long experience with multinational companies such as Visa and Airbus, as well as major projects such as the High Speed 2 rail project in the UK.
Whether you have a small assignment or a major programme, national or multinational, in English or other languages, our family of friendly and experienced UK and international facilitators and communicators are keen to help you. Conventional methods not working? Contact Yes! And.

Yes! And answers three questions for leaders in medium to large organisations:

How Might We Resolve A Difficult Challenge?

Design your preferred solution and initiate steps to progress towards it. Our tailored Solution Focus (SF) approach is ideal to tackle challenges with many stakeholders and interconnected issues.

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How Might We Innovate to Maximise An Opportunity?

Create an astute proposition with a strategy to execute it quickly. Our creative, yet structured Inn8 Approach energises your multifunctional team to innovate quickly.

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How Might We Achieve Tough Targets?

Develop a strategy with your team to achieve targets and progress quickly. Our Team Impetus (ski jump) Approach will engage hearts and minds and provide the impetus to succeed.

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